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Chief Executive Officer:
Quan Holdings | Phangela Group
Zithande Appliances | Siyayenza Facilities Management

Hello I am Charl Jacobs.

About me

Proud Father
To Two Loving Kids. My Mom, Dad & Sister are weird as hell, but healthy.

I work out every day, although it does not look that way. I love spending time at the beach, surfing, fishing, boating and a great game of beach-touchies. Having coached men’s club and provincial-level rugby, I now spend my spare time coaching schoolboy rugby.
Family Man
Outdoor Enthusiast
Business Developer

De Vos Malan (Afrikaans)

1985 - 1990

Head Boy, Junior School


Dale College Boys High School (English)

1991 - 1995

Prefect, Hostel Prefect, Vice-President of Junior Town Council, Chairman of Interact Committee. Subjects: Afrikaans HG 1st Language, English HG 1st Language, Maths HG, Accounting HG, Science HG, Geography HG.


Cape Tech-Financial Information Systems

1996 - 1997

UCT LLB - Additional Political Science

1998 - 2001

Damelin - SBDM


I never really enjoyed studying when I was younger, but my competitive nature made me a competent student. I also thought I knew everything when I was younger. I now read at least 2 books a month, each book twice, to ensure I remember and apply the learnings.


Quan Holdings

2018 - Present

Quan employs 24 specialists. Our unique service offering covers all aspects of business. We possess intellectual property in accounting, law, human resources, project management, app designing, fleet management etc. The service delivering is not just consultancy based but we actually get involved in the daily running of people’s businesses. We have over 100 clients and we employ qualified Chartered Accountants, Advocates, App Coders, and our project management team boasts with qualifications that include MBA’s and MBL’s. We have consulted for multinationals like Pick n Pay, E- Power, African Bank, Office National, Easi-Grass International, MSP Development, Growth Point etc.


Phangela Group

2000 - Present

Phangela Group employ 6000 permanent staff members across the country and in various sectors. Phangela has over 7000 clients that consist of Households and Corporates.


Zithande Appliances

2018 - Present

Zithande supplies appliances to Tertiary institutions, Corporates and Households. It employs 30 staff members. We recently added COVID 19 defence equipment to its range of products to ensure we stay relevant.


Siyayenza Facilities Management

2017 - Present

Siyayenza provides employment to over 500 staff members in different spheres. Plumbing, cleaning, network management, OHS, Building management and infrastructure support. It has over 50 clients in the commercial, corporate and retail environment.

I purposefully challenge myself to think differently and when I am presented with a good idea, may it be from myself or others, I challenge myself not to like it before I take it to market.

When you are born, you were crying and everyone around were laughing. Live your life so that when you die, you are the one laughing and everyone else is crying.

Business begins as a way to a means, then you create a profit, which you should diligently invest back into the business.


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